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Warwickshire Prints

Ref Subject Location Description Size Price Image
P3258WarwickshireA View of Warwick Castle, c1800. Copper engraving. Crease in top right-hand corner and cropped close to lettering along the bottom.h 165mm x w 208mm£14Image to follow
P1609WarwickshireBirminghamAston Hall, Warwickshire, c1830. Drawn by W Westall and engraved by W Taylor. Publishedin "Great Britain Illustrated". Steel engraving with later hand colouring.h 90mm x w 145mm£11Image to follow
PL0186WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham 1858 - The Queen's Visit to Birmingham, 19 June 1858. Drawn by R Dudley and published in the Illustrated London News. This large bird's eye view of Birmingham was printed using 24 blocks. Evidence of which can be seen by the misalignment of two of the blocks in the finished engraving. Wood engraving. Central fold and related text on reverse.h 310mm x w 535mm£80Image to follow
P3235WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham Municipal Buildings, c1880. Engraved by C Fenn for Illustration for by John Alfred "Langford's Staffordshire and Warwickshire Past and Present". Steel engraving.h 140mm x w 215mm£15Image to follow
P3243WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham The Town Hall, c1845. Drawn by W Green. Steel engraving. Trimmed close at edges, just affecting image. h 1100mmx w138mm£8Image to follow
P3233WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham Town Hall, c1870. Drawn by H Warren and engraved by C Fenn. Steel engraving. Very slight foxing to borders - not affecting image.h 148mm x w 202mm£18Image to follow
P0436WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham from the south. l848. Drawn by W Harvey and engraved by T A Prior, published by Charles Knight. Steel engraving.h 138mm x w 195mmSOLDImage to follow
P3229WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham, c1850. Engraving.h 143mm x w 200mm£14Image to follow
P0451WarwickshireBirminghamBirmingham. cl840. Drawn by William Turner and engraved bY J Walker. Steel engraving.h 107mm x w 162mmSOLDImage to follow
P0172WarwickshireBirminghamBuck, c1739 or later. South West Prospect of Birmingham in the County of Warwick. Repaired tear to left side of image.h 280mm x w 770mmReservedImage to follow
P5023WarwickshireBirminghamEast View of Birmingham in Warwickshire, c1780. Engraved for "The Modern Universal British Traveller". Copper engraving with later hand colouring. Condition: tear in left-hand border not affecting image. Otherwise a good clean copy.h 163mm x w 275mm£45Image to follow
PL0184WarwickshireBirminghamIndustrial Exhibition at Bingley Hall, Birmingham, 23 September 1865. Published by the Illustrated London News. Wood engraving. Text on reverse.h 238mm x w 313mm£15Image to follow
P3242WarwickshireBirminghamKing Edwards School, Birmingham (north front), c1840. Published by J & E Harwood. Steel engraving. This print was pasted down at the corners in a scrapbook and this has left slight marks in the corners of the print.h 76mm x w 142mm£8Image to follow
P2746WarwickshireBirminghamQueens Hospital, Birmningham, c1845. Published in Dugdale's "England and Wales Delineated". Steel engraving.h 92mm x w 135mm£10Image to follow
P3236WarwickshireBirminghamSt Philip's Church (Cathedral), Birmingham, c1850. Wood engraving.h 185mm x w 147mm£8Image to follow
P3232WarwickshireBirminghamThe East view of Birmingham, c 1780. Drawn and engraved by J Ryland. Copper engraving.h 100mm x w 178mm£14Image to follow
PL0185WarwickshireBirminghamThe Queen's Visit to Birmingham - The Inauguration of Aston Park, 26 June 1858. Published by the Illustrated London News. Wood engraving.h 235mm x w 346mm£20Image to follow
P3228WarwickshireBirminghamThe Railway Terminus,c1845. Published in "The Land We Live In". Text below and on reverse. Wood engraving. Originally known as Birmingham Station (opened 1838) it was renamed as Birmingham Curzon Street station before closing in the 1960s.h 105mm x w 135mm£8Image to follow
P3245WarwickshireBirminghamThe Town Hall, Birmingham, c1845.Engraved by A B Johnson. Steel engraving. Glued to backing paper at corners causing slight discolouration where stuck down. h 88mm x w 140mm£8Image to follow
P0443WarwickshireBirminghamTown Hall, Birmingham. cl840. Published by I Tallis. Steel engraving.h 88mm x w 135mmSOLDImage to follow
P0441WarwickshireBirminghamView of Birmingham. cl840. Engraved by T Radclyffe. Steel engraving.h 75mm x w 127mmSOLDImage to follow
P3241WarwickshireBirminghamW & G Peters, Importers of Foreign Wines & Spirits, 101 High Street, Birmingham, c1840. Engraved by Radclyffe and Co. Steel engraving.h 118mm x w 76mm£12Image to follow
P3261WarwickshireBishops WalthamThe Town and Casrtle of Warwick from Emscote,1789. Painted engraved and published by W Birch, Enamel painter. Copper engraving.h 102mm x w 126mm£12Image to follow
P2742WarwickshireBromsgroveSt John's Church & Vicarage, Bromsgrove, from a photograph by G H Scoxton, 1852. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 87mm x w 80mm£8Image to follow
P6075WarwickshireCharlecoteCharlecote Hall, Residence of GeorgeLucy Esq, c1860. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 62mm x w 94mm£7Image to follow
PL0014WarwickshireChurchoverDowbridg (Tripontium), 9 September 1722. Drawn by William Stukeley and engraved by E Kirkhall, Copper engraving. Tripontium (Latin for "Three-Bridge") was a town in Roman Britain. It lay off Watling Street within the parish of Newton and Biggin in Warwickshire and partly in Leicestershire, 3 miles north-east of Rugby.h 175mm x w 2980mm£35Image to follow
P6080WarwickshireCoventryBlue Coat School & remains of old Cathedral, Coventry, 1874. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving with part later hand colouring.h 62mm x w 92mm£7Image to follow
P0631WarwickshireCoventryBuck, c1739 or later, The South Prospect of the City of Coventry in Warwickshire. Copper engraving with early colouring.h 290mm x w 770mm£400Image to follow
P6078WarwickshireCoventryFree Library, Coventry, 1874. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 62mm x w 91mm£7Image to follow
P6079WarwickshireCoventryGreat Meeting House, Coventry, 1850. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving. Condition - vertical crease in to of image.h 63mm x w 77mm£7Image to follow
P5668WarwickshireCoventryTrinity Church, Coventry, 1849. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 75mm x w 83mm£7Image to follow
PL0499WarwickshireEdgehillThe Battle at Edge-Hill, 1642. Engraved by Michael van de Gucht, c1710. Copper engraving. Condition - discolouration and creases and tears to left-hand margin. Scarce.h 220mm x w 331mm£45Image to follow
P6081WarwickshireKenilworthBanqueting Hall, Kenilworth Castle, 1850. Published by Rock & Cop. Steel engraving.h 63mm x w 93mm£6Image to follow
P6082WarwickshireKenilworthKenilworth Castle, 1850. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 62mm x w 93mm£6Image to follow
P6074WarwickshireKenilworthKenilworth Castle, c1860. Published by Rock Co. Steel engraving. Condition - trimmed clos on all sides.h 60mm x w 93mm£6Image to follow
P2748WarwickshireKennilworthChurch & Priory Ruins,Kenilworth, 1850. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 62mm x w 90mm£8Image to follow
P3234WarwickshireKennilworthGate House, Kenilworth Castle, 1829. Engraved by T Radcyffe and published by W Emans. Engraving.h 88mm x w 157mm£8Image to follow
P3254WarwickshireKennilworthKenelworth Church, c1800. Copper engraving with text below.h 101mm x w 70mm£6Image to follow
PL0179WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle from a tower at the South end of the Great Hall, 1829. Drawn by J V Barber and engraved by W Radclyffe. Published by T Underwood. Engraving. h 157mm x w 218mm£20Image to follow
PL0174WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle in the days of Queen Elizabeth, c1840. Drawn on stone by J Brandard and printed by J Rawson Walker. Published by C Elston. Lithograph.h 156mm x w 233mm£25Image to follow
P3257WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle, 1794. Drawn by H Jeayes and engraved by Storer. Published by J Walker. Copper engraving. Some creases affecting image.h 108mm x w 162mm£15Image to follow
P3263WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, Pl 2, 1776. Engraved by Godfrey and printed for S Hooper. Copper engraving.h 102mm x w 155mm£8Image to follow
P2744WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle, c1831. Drawn by P De Wint and engraved by Edward Finden, for Sir Walrter Scott's "Kenilworth". Steelengraving.h 80mm x w 120mm£8Image to follow
P3226WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle, c1840. Drawn by H Warren and engraved by J Godfrey. Steel engraving.h 140mm x w 185mm£12Image to follow
P2751WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth Castle,West. The Strong Square Tower and Great Hall, c1831. Drawn by F Cormouls and engraved by J Brandard. Steel engraving. h 95mm x w 155mm£12Image to follow
P0437WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth as in 1816. cl844. Drawn by WC Stanfield and engraved by J Cousen for the Waverley Novels (Abbotsford Edition) published by Caddell. Steel engraving.h 93mm x w 138mm£8Image to follow
P2745WarwickshireKennilworthKenilworth, Priory Gateway, 1827. Drawn by Green and engraved by Radclyffe. Steel engraving.h 142mm x w 203mm£8Image to follow
PL0178WarwickshireKennilworthKennelworth Castle, 1 February 1820. Published by R Ackermann. Slight staining to parts of print. Lithograph.h 167mm x w 229mm£30Image to follow
P3255WarwickshireKennilworthKennelworth Castle, 1810. Published by R Ackermann. Aquatint.h 167mm x w 230mm£30Image to follow
P3230WarwickshireKennilworthKennelworth Priory, c1810. Drawn by S Prout and engraved by J Thompson. Copper engraving.h 147mm x w 197mm£15Image to follow
PL0180WarwickshireKennilworthKennilworth CaStle, 1 July 1826. Drawn from nature and on stone by W Rider. Printed by C Hullmndel and published by J Merridew. Lithograph.h 158mm x w 290mm£25Image to follow
P3240WarwickshireKennilworthNew Church & Schools, Kenilworth, 1856. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engravingh 68mm x w 85mmSOLDImage to follow
PL0188WarwickshireKennilworthPart of Kenilworth Castle, c1830. Drawn by the Rev W W Porter and engraved by L Byrne and J Landseer. Copper engraving. Slight discolouration to paper mainly affecting border.h 225mm x w 313mm£45Image to follow
PL0175WarwickshireKennilworthPriory Gate Kenilworth, 1800. Drawn by T Hearne. Engraved and published by W Byrne. Copper engraving. h 182mm x w 253mm£25Image to follow
P0438WarwickshireKennilworthRuins of Kenilworth Castle. cl840. Steel engraving.h 85mm x w 133mm£8Image to follow
P3246WarwickshireKennilworthThe East View of Kenelworth Castle, In the County of Warwick, c1765. Printed by Newbery and Carnan, for ?A Description of England and Wales. h 73mm x w 139mm£8Image to follow
P5438WarwickshireLichfieldJohnson's Willow (near Lichfield), 1 February 1824. Drawn by J Hewett for the Port Folio and engraved by J & H S Storer. Copper engraving.h 97mm x w 67mm£8Image to follow
P2052WarwickshireOffchurchOffchurch Bury, 1829. Engraved by T Radclyffe and published by W Emans. Steel engraving with later hand colouring.h 95mm x w 154mm£12Image to follow
P5396WarwickshireStratford Upon AvonAnne Hathaway's Cottage, c1875. Published in "Picturesque Europe". Wood engraving.h 113mm x w 167mm£8Image to follow
P0440WarwickshireWarwickGuy's Tower, Warwick Castle. cl835. Drawn and engraved for Dugdale's England & Wales Delinbeated. Steel engraving.h 88mm x w 124mm£8Image to follow
PL0183WarwickshireWarwickHouses under the castle, Warwick, c1875. Drawn by P Skelton and engraved by Whymper for "Picturesque Europe". Wood engraving. Text and additional image of the West Gate, Warwick on the reverse.h 157mm x w 232mm£18Image to follow
PL0187WarwickshireWarwickPart of Warwick Caslte, Warwickshire,c1830. Drawn by the Rev W W Porter and engraved by J Landseer, engraver to the King. Copper engraving.h 235mm x w 320mm£50Image to follow
P2749WarwickshireWarwickPart of Warwick, c1829. Engraved by R Thomas and published by W Emans. Steel engraving.h 90mm x w 148mm£12Image to follow
P0434WarwickshireWarwickPart of Warwick. l829. Engraved by R Thomas, published by W Emans in 'A New and Compendious History of the County of Warwick, from the earliest period to the present time comprising views of the principal towns, buildings, modern improvements, seats of the nobility and gentry, ecclesiastical edifices, &c.' by William Smith. Steel engraving.h 90mm x w 150mm£15Image to follow
P3247WarwickshireWarwickPriory Warwick,c1850. Steel engraving with text on reverse.h 55mm x w 96mm£8Image to follow
P0439WarwickshireWarwickSaint Mary's Church and the Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick. cl850. Engrved by Hincliff and published by Cooke. Steel engraving.h 93mm x w 128mmSOLDImage to follow
P0435WarwickshireWarwickSaint Mary's Warwick, south view. cl840. Drawn by J G Jackson and engraved by J Brandard, prinetd by M & N Hanhart and published by Henry T Cooke. Lithograph.h 130mm x w 187mmSOLDImage to follow
P3259WarwickshireWarwickSt James's Chapel, Warwick, c1800. Drawn and engraved by J Storer for the "Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet". Copper engravingh 63mm x w 85m£8Image to follow
P2743WarwickshireWarwickSt John's Hospital, Warwick, c1850. Engraivng. Text on reverse.h 52mm x w 97mm£6Image to follow
P3225WarwickshireWarwickSt Nicholas (church), Warwick. Drawn by J G Jackson and engraved by J Brandard, c1845. Published by Henry T Cooke. Sepia aquatint.h 128mm x w 188mm£12Image to follow
P2747WarwickshireWarwickThe Hospital of Robert Earl of Leycester in Warwick, c1835. Drawn by A E Everitt and engraved by Hincliff. Steel engraving.h 88mm x w 127mm£12Image to follow
P3253WarwickshireWarwickThe Priory, Warwick,together with Beauchamp Chapel,St Mary' s, Warwick, April 1852. Printed by Rock& Co. h 163mm x w 87mm (the pair)£16Image to follow
PL0172WarwickshireWarwickThe Queen's Visit to Warwickshire - Warwick Castle, c1858. Painted by R E Leitch. Published in the Illustrated London News. Colour lithograph. Trimmed to image on top and right-hand side.h 223mm x w 338mm£18Image to follow
P3249WarwickshireWarwickThe South View of Warwick Castle, c1765. Printed by Newbery and Carnan, for "A Description of England and Wales". Copper engraving.h 73mm x w 138mm£9Image to follow
P3227WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Caslte, c1860. Colour lithograph.h 126mm x w 190mm£12Image to follow
P5669WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle (the inner court), c1860.published by Rock & co. Steel engraving. Condition - paper discoloured and tear top left.h 60mm x w 85mm£5Image to follow
PL0181WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle from the Bridge, c1840. Drawn from nature and on stone by J Brandard. Printed by Graf and Soret and published by C Elston. Lithograph.h 163mm x w 215mm£20Image to follow
PL0166WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle from the Lee Fields c1826. Drawn by P Dewint and engraved by W Radclyffe. Steel engraving.h 127mm x w 238mm£15Image to follow
PL0182WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle from the Lee Fields, 1826. Drawn by P Dewint and engraved by W Radcylffe. Proof. Copper engraving.h 125mm x w 232mm£15Image to follow
PL0189WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle in Warwickshire, First Story Plan and Cellar Plan c1790. Engraved by Thornton and published by Alexander Hogg. Copper engraving.h 183mm x w 313mm£10Image to follow
P3248WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle in Warwickshire, c1780. Copper engraving.h 98mm x w 163mm£12Image to follow
PL0176WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, 1823. Drawn by W Westall and engraved by W Radclyffe. Copper engraving.h 147mm x w 211mm£20Image to follow
P3244WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, 1843. Printed by J & F Harwood, Steel engraving.h 103mm x w 127mm£10Image to follow
P6076WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, 1861. Published by Rock &Co. Steel engraving. Condition - remains of glue on reverse form where print had been pasted in an album. Trimmed close to lettering.h 60mm x w 95mm£6Image to follow
PL0167WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, Gate tower, c1830. Drawn by W Westall and engraved by W Radclyffe. Engraving.h 150mm x w 180mm£15Image to follow
P0459WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, Inner Court. cl850. Lithograph.h 73mm x w 133mm£6Image to follow
P0548WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, c1825. Engraved by R Thomas. Published by W Emans. Steel engraving with later hand colouring.h 92mm x w 148mm ( of image)£12Image to follow
P3238WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, c1832. Drawn by J M W Turner and engraved by R Wallis. Steel engraving.h 167mm x w 242mm£22Image to follow
P6117WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, c1860. Published by Rock & Co. Steel engraving.h 56mm x w 93mm£7Image to follow
P3239WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, c1872. Drawn by P Skelton and engraved by J Outhwaite for "Picturesque Europe". Steel engraving.h 142mm x w 222mm£18Image to follow
P3252WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle, together with Guy's Cliff (from the wood), Warwick c1852. Printed by Rock & Company.Steel engraving.h 146mm x w 88mm (the pair)£14Image to follow
P0549WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle,, Warwickshire c1845. Drawn by J D Harding. Published by Day & Son. Lithograph with later hand colouring.h 177mm x w 264mm ( of image)£25Image to follow
PL0169WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle,The Inner Court No 1. c1840. Drawn from nature and on stone by J Brandard. Published by C Elston. Lithogrpah. Some creasing to top right-hand corner.h 153mm x w 220mm£20Image to follow
P2750WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle,from a drawing by G Cattermole, 1834. Engraved by J C Bentley. Steel engraving.h 151mm x w 99mm£10Image to follow
P0442WarwickshireWarwickWarwick Castle. cl835. Drawn and engraved for Dugdale's England & Wales Delinbeated. Steel engraving with later hand colouring.h 83mm x w 122mm£8Image to follow
PL0170WarwickshireWarwickWarwick, 1 June 1825. Drawn from nature and on stone by W Rider. Printed by C Hullmandel and published by John Merridew. Lithograph. Small tear to bottom border not affecting image. Scarce.h 225mm x w 298mm£50Image to follow
P3256WarwickshireWarwickWarwick, 1801. Drawn by the Rev W Streatfield and engraved by J Walker and J Grieg. Published by J Walker.h 108mm x w 168mm£15Image to follow
PL0171WarwickshireWarwickWarwick. St Mary's Church, County Hall and Gaol, 1829. Drawn by D Cox and engraved by W Radclyffe. Engraving.h 163mm x w 234mm£45Image to follow