Jonathan Riddell Antiquarian Maps and Prints

Moray Prints

Ref Subject Location Description Size Price Image
P4138MorayElginMazures de l'Eglise Cathedrale d' Elgin,1727. Published by Pieter van der Aa in "Les Delices de la Grande Bretagne". Copper engraving.h 122mm x w 155mm£20Image to follow
PL0252MorayFochabersGordon Castle, Pl. 6, 1804. Drawn by J C Nattes and engraved by J Fittler for "Scotia Depicta". Copper engraving.h 182mm x w 242mm£22Image to follow
P3364MorayFochabersGordon Castle, c1780s. Copper engraving.h 151mm x w 105mm£10Image to follow
P4162MorayForresBrodie Castle, 1790. 1790. Engraved by Vivares and published by s Hooper in Grose's "Antiquities of Scotland". Copper engraving.h 125mm x w 173mm£10Image to follow
PL0248MorayInnes HouseInnes House, 1847-1852. Drawn by R W Billings and engraved by G B Smith. Published by William Blackwood & Sons in "The Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland". Steel engraving.h 212mm x w 172mm£16Image to follow
PL0320MorayRelugasA View on the River Divie Pl 23, 1804. Drawn by J C Nattes and engraved by James Fittler for "Scotia Depicta; or, the Antiquities, Castles, Public Buildings, Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats, Cities, Towns, and Picturesque Scenery of Scotland". Copper engraving.h 183mm x w 245mm£30Image to follow