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Mammals Prints

Ref Subject Location Description Size Price Image
PL0653MammalsAnimals and Birds of Africa, c1779.Engraved by Page for Middleton's "Complete System of Geography...". Copper engraving. Condition. Some age discolouration to page.h 278mm x w 156mm£12Image to follow
PL0612MammalsAnimals of the Cape of Good Hope. 1 Cape Sheep. 2 Wild Ass. 3 Zebra. 4 Wild Goat. 5 Wold Tiger. 6 Civet Cat. Engraved for Middleton's Complete System Of Geography, c1777. Copper engraving. Condition. Slight age discolouration to paper.h 275mm x w 158mm£18Image to follow
PL0654MammalsCape de Verd Camel and Lions of Africa, c1779. Engraved for Middleton's "Complete System of Geography...". Copper engraving.h 258mm x w 156nn£12Image to follow
PL0616MammalsThe Bomba or Capivard at the foot of a Banana Tree. / A Cape de Verde Camel. c1747. Engraved by T Kitchen. Copper engraving.h 223mm x w 138mm£20Image to follow
P5561MammalsThe Vari or Maucauco, a Native of Madagascar, 1784. Engraved for "Captain James Cook Voyages Around The World. Copper engraving. Condition _ some age marks on paper.h 108mm x w 182mm£12Image to follow