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Linlithgowshire Prints

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P4788LinlithgowshireLinlithgowCourt of Linlithgow Palace, c1830. Drawn by W Brown and engraved by W Miller for the "Select Views Of The Royal Palaces Of Scotland, From Drawings by William Brown..." Engravingh 96mm x w 129mm£7Image to follow
P0629LinlithgowshireLinlithgowInner Court of the Palace of Linlithgow, c1835. Drawn by T Alloom and engraved by Henry Wallis. Originally published in Scotland Illustrated. Steel engraving.h 113mm x w 178mm (image)£10Image to follow
P0626LinlithgowshireLinlithgowLinlithgow Palace, c1790. Copper engraving.h 147mm x w 103mm (image)£7Image to follow
P0620LinlithgowshireLinlithgowLinlithgow Palace, c1831. Drawn by Thomas H Shepherd and engraved by W Watkins. Originally published in "Modern Athens! Displayed in a Series of Views: or, Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century". Steel engraving.h 97mm x w 146mm (image)£8Image to follow
P4791LinlithgowshireLinlithgowOld Linlithgow,(Assassination of Regent Moray), mid to late 19th century. Drawn by William Allan and lithograph by E Walker Published by Day & Son. Colour lithograph. Regent Moray was assassinated on 23 January 1570.h 103mm x w 183mm£15Image to follow