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Congo Prints

Ref Subject Location Description Size Price Image
PL0629CongoDifferent Ways of Carriage & Travelling in Congo.c 1782. Engraved by Page for Millar's "New, Complete, Authentic, and Universal System of Geography". Copper Engraving.h 190mm x w 283mm£35Image to follow
PL0599CongoDifferent methods of Travelling in Congo. Copper engraving. Drawn by Wale and engraved by Taylor for Middleton's Complete System of Geography. c1777. Copper engraving.h 275mm x w 160mm£18Image to follow
PL0621CongoDon Alvaro King of Kongo giving an audience to ye Dutch in 1642. c1745. Engraved by N Parr for Thomas Astley's "A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels". Copper engraving.h 189mm x w 146mm£20Image to follow
P5574CongoDress of the Noblemen and Commonalty of Kongo'. After De Bry,c1746 Engraved by G Child fo "A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels". Copper engraving.h 215mm x w 168mm£18Image to follow
PL0622CongoHabit of one of the Kings of Congo, c1746. Published in Thomas Astley's "A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels" and published by His Majesty's Authority, London. Copper engraving. Condition: staining to lower part of border 7cms beneath image.h 190mm x w 147mm£15Image to follow
PL0648CongoThe City of Loango, from Dapper. c1750. Engraved by Child. Copper engraving. Condition - central vertical fold as issued.h 241mm x w 325mm£65Image to follow
PL0632CongoWay of Carriage & Travelling in Kongo, from De Bry. 1746. Engraved by J Basire. Copper engraving.h 213mm x w 168mm£18Image to follow
PL0627CongoCongoThe King of Congo preparing for an Excursion, attended by his Nobility and Guards. / Different ranks of the Natives of Congo, a Country in Africa, in their respective Habits. c1771. From Thomas Bankes's A New System of Universal Geography. Published by Royal Authority". Published by C Cooke. Copper engraving.h 268mm x w 172mm£25Image to follow