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Angola Prints

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PL0593AngolaMilitary dress of Commanders & Common Soldiers in Angola, from De Bry. Copper engraving. By J Basire for Thomas Astley's "A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels". Copper engraving.h 215mm x w165mm£18Image to follow
PL0592AngolaSt Salvador, a Portugueze City on the River Lelunda in the Kingdom of Congo in Africa. / The Manner of Travelling, as practiced by the People of Congo in Africa. c1878. Engraved for Banke's New System of Geography. Published by Royal Authority. Copper engraving.h 305mm x w 175mm£18Image to follow
PL0608AngolaThe Bansa, or Residence of the King of the Kongo, called St Salvador, from Dapper. C1750. Engraved by G Childe. Copper engraving.h 240mm x w 338mm£95Image to follow