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Africa Prints

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PL0606AfricaNegro Women in different dresses, Negros climing a Palm Tree. A Negroe playing on the Ballard or Balaso. Hutts of the Negros. c1745.Engraved by Nathaniel Parr for "A new general collection of voyages and travels; consisting of the most esteemed relations, which have been hitherto published in any language; comprehending everything remarkable in its kind, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America" by John Green, & Thomas Astley. Copper engravingh 210mm x w 145mm£18Image to follow
PL0600AfricaThe methods used by the Negroes of Africa in Climbing the Palm Tree. Engraved for Middleton's Complete System Of Geography. Copper engraving. c1777.Copper engraving.h 153mm x w 282mm£20Image to follow
PL0587AfricaPholey townA Pholey Town & Plantations about it, from Moore. Engraved by J Basire and published in the "Universal Traveller". Copper engraving. Condition - Light off-setting from facing page (not present). Otherwise a very good copy.h 147mm x w 210mm£81Image to follow