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Maps of Herefordshire

Ref Subject Description Size Price Image
Mx0348HerefordshireJohn Cary; Herefordshire c1783. Copper engraving with early outline colouring. h 264mm x w 210mm£45Image to follow
Mx0275HerefordshireBlome, Richard. c1673 A generall Mapp of Hereford with its hundreds by Ric Blome by his Majestys Especial command. Copper engraving.h 305mm x w 285mm£120Image to follow
Mx0274HerefordshireMorden, Robert. c1695 Hereford shire.h 360mm x w 420mm£80Image to follow
Mx0273HerefordshireMoll, H. c1724 Hereford shire.h 190mm x w 312mm£68Image to follow
Mx0272HerefordshireCary, John. 1809 Herefordshire. Original hand colouring.h 262mm x w 210mm£30Image to follow
Mx0271HerefordshireKitchen, Thomas, c1765; A New Map of Hereford Shire Drawn from the best authorities, by Tho Kitchin Geogr., Engraver to H.R.H. the Duke of York.h 256mm x w 195mm£35Image to follow
Mx0262HerefordshireOsborne, Thomas c1748 A Correct Map of Hereford Shire, from Geographia Magnae Britanniae. Copper engravingh 145mm x w 172mm£38Image to follow
Mx0261HerefordshireSeller / Grosse. Herefordshire. c1773 Original hand colour.h 123mm x w 147mm£28Image to follow
Mx0260HerefordshireMoule, T c1836. This map appeared in several editions. This would appear to be an earlier edition as it does not include any railways. Moule's maps are considered to be the last decorative county maps to be issued. Includes vginettes of the Goodrich Castle, Carnstone House and Heereford cathedral. Good margins.h 267mm x w 183mm£40Image to follow
Mx0257HerefordshireWyld, J: c1830. Map of The River Wye and adjacent country from Monmouth to Ross. Showing sections of the River Wye from Monmouth to Ross. Published by Wrightson & Webb, Birmingham.h 190mm x w 105mm£18Image to follow
Mx0256HerefordshireBadeslade, T & Toms, W H, c1742. This small map of the county is from "Chorographia Britanniae" The panel on the left of the map shows a list of towns in the county with details of their market and fair days. Imprint beneath the map dated Sept. 29, 1741h 143mm x w 145mm£32Image to follow
Mx0254HerefordshireArcher, J. c1845 Herefordshire. Steel engraving. Horizontal centre fold as issued. Hand coloured.h 223mm x w 164mm£8Image to follow
Mx0253HerefordshireKitchin, 1747 - 1786, Herefordshire drawn from the Best authorities. Hand coloured.h 170mm x w213mm£48Image to follow
Mx0252HerefordshireRamble, Reuben,1845,Herefordshire. Issued in Travells through the counties of England. Vignettes with orignal hand coloring. Scarceh 175mm x w 148mm£65Image to follow
M0304HerefordshireThomas Conder, c1784. A New Map of Hereford Shire drawn from the latest authorities. Published by Alex Hogg. This map was issued with another adjoining it so is trimmed to the left hand margin. Copper engraving.h 198mm x w 160mm£35Image to follow
M0270HerefordshireWallis, J. c1810; Herefordshire. Original hand colouringh 134mm x w 95mm£12Image to follow
M0258HerefordshireEllis,John c1777 A Modern Map of Herefordshire, Drawn from the latest Surveys; Corrected & Improved by the best Authorities. W Palmer Sculp. Imprint of Carington Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard and Robert Sayer in Fleet Street. h 250mm x w 193mm£25Image to follow
M0114HerefordshireOgilby, John, c1698 Hereford to Leicester. The route goes through Worcester, Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Allchurch, Solihull, Meriden, Coventry Woolvey and Sharnford.h 380mm x w 507mm£120Image to follow