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Maps of Germany

Ref Subject Description Size Price Image
M0192GermanyJohn Walker, c1798 Germany. Engraved for Walker's Georgraphy. Engraved map with outline colour.h 183mm x w 222mm£35Image to follow
M0184Germanyvan den Keere, c1627 (or later). Germaniah 84mm x w 122mm£75Image to follow
M0183GermanyT Kitchen, c1760 Germany drawn from the best authorities.h 192mm x w 212mm£50Image to follow
M0178GermanyT Kitchen, c1760. A New Map of the Lower Rihne drawn from the best authorities. Later hand colouring.h 248mm x w 183mm£35Image to follow
M0177GermanyGermany, from the best Authorities copper engraved map with outline colour, c1818. Published in An Atlas to Guthrie's Geographical Grammar. h 217mm x w 187mm£18Image to follow
M0161GermanyR Baldwin, c1756 A Map of Bohemia being the preent Seat of War in Germany.h 165mm x w 228mm£35Image to follow
M0153GermanyT Kitchen, c1756 A Map of the Southern Part of Upper Saxony with the Routs of the Prussian Armiesh 180mm x w 238mm£45Image to follow