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Maps of Asia

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M0389AsiaJohn Speed; A Newe Mape of Tartary by Roger Rea, c1662. This is the rare edition by Roger Rea. This map covers the Caspian Sea in the south west to Moskua Moscow) and extends southwards to Tagalistan and western China where the Great Wall is clearly marked. Korea is shown as an island. Part of America is shown separated by the Strait of Anian. There are eight figures in native costume in the side panels. The upper border contains views of four cities; Astracan, Samarchand, Cambalu (Alma-Ata) and 'the' house on Nova Zemla. This map is in a double window mount to reveal the english text on the reverse. Copper engraving with later hand colouringh 390mm x w 500mm£1500Image to follow
M0269AsiaSpeed,John, A new map of East India..., pub. Bassett & Chiswell, c1676,for Speed's atlas "The Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World". This map did not appear in the 1627 edition of the atlas but is one of six maps appearing for the first time in 1676. Engraved by the Englishman Francis Lamb. This map shows the area from Pakistan east to China, with the Philippines, Malaysia & Indonesia. English text on verso. h 375mm x w 510mm,£1200Image to follow
M0174AsiaKitchen, T c1786. Asia Drawn from the best authorities.h 190mm x w 228mm£28Image to follow
M0173AsiaBecker, c1848 Asia. Engraved map wtih original outline colouring.h 197mm x w 245mm£18Image to follow
M0160AsiaOrtelius, c1601. Tartaria. Miniature map showing Russia eastwards from Moscow, China, Korea and Japan.Latin text on reverse.h 80mm x w 120mm£80Image to follow
M0156AsiaTartaria. Miniature map showing Russia from Mowcow eastwards, part of China, Korea and Part of America.h 85mm x w 120mmImage to follow