Jonathan Riddell Antiquarian Maps and Prints

Maps of Oxfordshire

Ref Subject Description Size Price Image
M0075OxfordshireChristopher Saxton, & William Hole, 1607-1637 hand coloured. This edition has no text on the reverse of map.h 270mm x w 290mm£230Map of Oxfordshire
37OxfordshireOwen - Bowen, A Map of Oxfordshire, c1730. Hand coloured. Mounted185x115mm£38Print of Kent by Speed
36OxfordshireT Kitchen, Oxfordshire drawn from a survey and regulated by Astronomical Observations, c1747. hand coloured, mounted.205x170mm£46Print of Kent by Speed
35OxfordshireRichard Blome, A Mapp of Oxfordshir with its Hundreds. hand coloured, mounted.182x215mm£80Print of Kent by Speed
34OxfordshireGeorge A Walpoole, A New Map of Oxfordshire drawn from the latest and best Authorities, c1784, hand coloured, mounted.198x155mm£35Print of Kent by Speed
33OxfordshireThomas Moule, Oxfordshire, c1842. hand coloured with good margins. Mounted255x190mm£70Print of Kent by Speed
32Oxfordshiret Kitchen, A New Map of Oxfordshire drawn from the best Authorities, c1764, hand coloured, mounted.250x187mm£55Print of Kent by Speed
31OxfordshireMoule, City and University of Oxford c1842, hand coloured with good margins. Mounted243x184mm£70Print of Kent by Speed