Jonathan Riddell Antiquarian Maps and Prints

Maps of Leicestershire

Ref Subject Description Size Price Image
Mx0299LeicestershireJ & C Walker, Leicestershire, c1835. Original outline hand colouring.h 188mm x w 244mm£15Image to follow
Mx0298LeicestershireSeller / Grosse, Leicestershire, c1786. h 123mm x w 145mm (of map)£18Image to follow
Mx0282LeicestershireCreighton, R and Walker, J & C. Leicester town plan, published in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of England, 1835. The plans were originally produced to illustrate the boundaries of boroughs in relation to the great Reform Act of 1832. Steel engravingwith original hand colouring.h 183mm x w 236mm£12Image to follow
M0303LeicestershireT Badeslade & W Toms, c1741. A Map of Leicester Shire. These maps appeared in several editions. Copper engraving.h 153mm x w 140mm£35Image to follow
M0300LeicestershireMoule, c1848 Leicestershire. These maps appeared in several editions. This is a late edition which shows the railways radiating out from Leicester. These maps are considered to be the last decorative county maps to be issued.h 185mm x w 260mm£35Image to follow
M0297LeicestershireSeller / Grosse, Leicestershire, c1786. Later colouring.h 123mm x w 145mm (of map)£25Image to follow
M0296LeicestershireThomas Kitchin, Leicestershire, Drawn from the Best Authorities and Regulated by Astron. Observations c1750. Later colouring.h 167mm x w 215mm£40Image to follow
M0294LeicestershireJ Ellis, A Modern map of Leicestershire, Drawn from the latest Surveys; Corrected & Improved by the best Authorities c1766. Outline hand colouring.h 192mm x w 245mm£45Image to follow
M0279LeicestershireSeller, John, 1701 issue. Copper engraving.h 121mm x w 148mm£38Image to follow
M0278LeicestershireEmman Bowen, c1761 The Counties of Leicestershire & Rutland, Divided into Hundreds. Containing the County and Market Towns, Rivers, Roads, Distances etc by Emman: Bowen Geogr. to His Majes. Published in the "General Magazine of Arts & Sciences for Wm Owen" Copper engraving.h 170mm x w 190mm£35Image to follow
M0149LeicestershireBadeslade & Toms, c1742 or later. A map of Leicestershire, north from London. The text gives details of principal towns, market days, Members of Parliament, etch 153mm x w 145mm£38Image to follow